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Group Info

- 1 submission to each folder per day (apart from Featured - see below)

- 1 submission to Featured per month - make sure to choose a
work you are really proud of 8)

- Folders are grouped by nose shape; if not sure, you can choose "other nose shapes"

- Drawings are preferred, but other media will be accepted as well (photographs or stories about noses :D). Sketchy works are okay, but bad scans/photos are not.

- If you want more photos for reference, they are in Favourites

- The picture doesn't have to be of a single character or to be a portrait, but it is required that the nose in question is clearly visible ;]

- Also, there should be something that makes the nose interesting in the picture. We do not want a nose that is just a line or two on a face, and we might get subjective here.

- In 'just the nose' and 'Nose kisses and nuzzles' animal noses are also accepted, and there are 'anthro noses' for characters with non-human noses :D but in the other shape-based folders, please stick to humans/human-nose humanoids
Founded 4 Years ago
Feb 6, 2013


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116 Members
148 Watchers
10,831 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Demon smile by Saritos
Kevin - OCP'16 Round 4 by Oly-RRR
Major Kovalev's Nose by mcpaul1998
Tessa - OCP'16 Round 3 by Oly-RRR
Just the nose
Nose practice by FlyingCarpets
Nose of Noel Fielding by Nippip
Kwaiu bliss by DrHinternase
Noses - Daily Practice by Olooriel
Nose kisses and nuzzles
P.S. I love you by Lanka-ultra
Neck kiss by Nippip
Take care of yourself - Dragon Age by LadyFleabitten
#lovewins by raspbearyart
More than one nose shape
Kevin - OCP'16 Round 5 by Oly-RRR
And We All Survived by Oly-RRR
Been Drawing Paul Again by Oly-RRR
How TV Ruined My Life by Oly-RRR
Arrow noses
D-E-A-T-H by GleissonCipriano
I AM A PHOENIX by LadyFleabitten
Of Light and Snow by Celesol
The Desert Samurai by OhMyGodItsTheYeti
Ballpoint noses
Male portret by ValeraPosmitniy
Dave by Entropician
Likkle Rasta by Waawinina
General Cookie by Olooriel
Broad noses
The Reaper of New Londo by Celesol
Summertime Zest by Celesol
Relaxing Smoke by Celesol
Storm Cloud by Celesol
Broken noses
Iisjah O'Riley - OC-Pageant Round 4 by iisjah
mockery by Natamur
Greaser Iisjah by iisjah
Iisjah O'Riley - OC-Pageant Round 2 by iisjah
Bumpy noses
Monty Python's Upper Class Twit by Nippip
Graham Again by Oly-RRR
The inventor by KupiecKorzenny
Padre by AntCommander
Button noses
steven universe garnet by Franky-Tiem
:BREATHE. . WE . HAVE . BUT . A . MOMENT: by LegendaryMyth
Wendy by GleissonCipriano
+++ by DieWolfsseele
Dimple noses
Paul Walker by Stapic
la Bete by fmr0
Plumage by MichelleBergeron
Basmachi Chapter 1 Cover by charcoalfeather
Downward noses
Kater (2015) by Onomaya
Colors Collection - old man by TERRIBLEart
Kevin - OCP'16 Round 2 by Oly-RRR
Kevin - OCP'16 Round 1 by Oly-RRR
Fleshy noses
Mixed media portrait of my Grandmother ( detail ) by AtomiccircuS
Highwayman by The-Last-Phantom
Why so serious? by dartbaston
Ragu by charcoalfeather
Greek noses
Sherlock by Joe-Roberts
Seraphim by Celesol
That One Nightmare by Oly-RRR
Schoolwork || Persephone by rosy-Clockomaton
Hook noses
[DD] LATEtober-Day23: Yokai - Futakuchi-onna by Szczurzyslawa
Jon Snow (Kit Harington) by Entropician
black wings by Entropician
Twister by RatPrince
HUGE noses
Goblin II by EtherealProject
Randy by Bananmos
Look With Courage by Blumestien
Mark Gatiss Drawing by Nippip
Long noses
Ceres Heydrich by hello-heydi

Mature Content

Cybele Heydrich by hello-heydi
Vision render test by Entropician
EyeSpy by Unearthling
Pointy noses
Tessa - OCP'16 Round 4 by Oly-RRR
Crazy Boi by Celesol
Tessa - OCP'16 Round 2 by Oly-RRR
XOXO by Ktoya
Round noses
Man in bright t-shirt by Ktoya
Jemaine in 'People Places Things' by Nippip
That Nose by Frayde
Tanya's Toys by alicelights
Straight noses
Student by Tsiternish
pride and sorrow by Entropician
Copper beauty..watercolour by xxaihxx
Hollie Attitudes by rosy-Clockomaton
Upturned noses
[DD] LATEtober-Day24: Multiple Limbs by Szczurzyslawa
Angel ? by rosy-Clockomaton
Wild Island 11. Light by alicelights
Wild Island 9. The Change by alicelights
Anthro noses
waiting the landing by Entropician
Eileen The Hunter of Hunters Colors by Lucky-LB-Artz
[DD] Just the right amount of sweet by Szczurzyslawa
Locked Away by Celesol
Other nose shapes
Delenn (Babylon 5) by alicelights
Wild Island 15.  The Noise by alicelights
OCs part one by cut-box
Come Visit the Wild Island by Oly-RRR
11 by GrievousGeneral
Eleven by bearmantooth
Alphonse Dawson by AliveArsenic
Brentrocks by AliveArsenic
Nose piercings
Lotus by Entropician
Skit Alt. by LAZdancewithme
For Iwi by OhMyGodItsTheYeti
Anxious Birdie by DoraIIngrid
Nose tutorials
Simple 5 step nose tutorial by UndiscoveredLetters
Teeth Blood and Drool by MarshmallowFury
Human Nose- TUTORIAL by soas95
Face/Nose shapes reference by Kibbitzer
Nose comics
Cop Story 1-02 by Oly-RRR
Cop Story 1-01 by Oly-RRR
A Rude Story by Oly-RRR
Cop Story Intro 2 by Oly-RRR
Other nose-related stuff
Tuliphead 2 by joeyv7
Happy ages by Entropician
Nose Studies by Soccer20Star
#299 Nosepass by DrHinternase
Photos of noses - check favorites for more
My Dad - Ari by Safirith
Like Father, Like Son by Mommy-of-Ein
cone by adoptabat

Folders guide - nose shapes

Click to see the guide in zoom :)

Random from Featured

There is a folder bug on dA, causing deviations to be submitted to the wrong folder. We will try to deal with each such instance, so don't worry if your work is not accepted right away :)
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xxaihxx Featured By Owner May 29, 2016   Traditional Artist
Hi..thank you for the request!
joitimi Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
who made this group? xD Whoever it is he/she sure liked noses! xD LOL
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:heart: :heart: :heart: the group for me ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
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...maybe it's no skin off his nose :eyes:
Oly-RRR Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Professional General Artist
Never mind that - what would Ministry of Magic think of a whole online community called DA? Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! 
IDreamOfTheWind Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That would be amusing!
LookieItsCookie Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for adding my drawing to your group! I'm glad to hear that someone likes Hazel's nose. It was always my favorite part to draw. :)
BizBoston Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014   Traditional Artist
This might be my favorite new group!  All dedicated to noses - what a great idea!
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